SimCity Patch Introduces More Bugs

Oy ... You know that massive SimCity patch that was supposed to fix everything? It went about as well as you can expect. Fans have taken to Reddit and official forums to decry the mess, which has left some cities literally overflowing with waste.

Human excrement is at the bottom (sorry) of one common issue encountered since yesterday's patch. A concerned Redditor reported a "sewage OVERLOAD" in a town with a relatively tiny population of 4,000 that saw their outflow pipe "MAXED". Another player beginning a new town with a similarly-sized bevy of civvies found their terminally incontinent Sims had already put 55 in the clinic.

Not all of the bugs are so ripe for comedy. Some SimCity players have found themselves stuck on loading screens when attempting to resume cities created before the patch - though they've had no problems in creating new ones. Others lucky enough to access their saves have discovered that buildings wouldn’t complete construction, instead becoming perpetual building sites.

Meanwhile, while players are celebrating the end of traffic issues caused by "clumping" fire trucks and endlessly looping transit vehicles, more dramatic pile-ups are occurring as the result of new problems. One poor mayor saw their streets turned gold yesterday with hundreds of bright yellow and totally inexplicable taxi cabs

SimCity Patch Introduces More Bugs

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