SilverStone unveils Clear CMOS

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Well, I know i mentioned in my articles a lot that mainboard manufacturers should included a CMOS micro-switch on the maomnboard, but this might be taking it a step too far. Anyway, SilverStone unveiled a new product that makes it possible to clear your CMOS without having to open your case. Some enthusiast motherboards already have this functionality though.

They'll probably end up charing you 15 EUR / 20 USD for it.

SilverStone SST-CLEARCMOS is designed for the overclocking enthusiasts. When installed and mounted in corresponding chassis for external use, an overclocker no longer needs to open the computer chassis to clear CMOS. The SST-CLEARCMOS is extremely useful in offering a way to quickly clear CMOS/BIOS for recovering from failed overclocking attempts, updating BIOS, or resetting BIOS for installing new devices.


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