Silicon Power Bolt B75 Portable SSD

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The Bolt B75 Portable SSD has joined Silicon Power’s (SP) lineup of noteworthy memory storage devices. In an effort to design a well-rounded portable SSD with combined design and performance prowess, SP blended the award-winning design of a previous device with the functionality of an in-demand SSD.

Inspiration for the Bolt B75 SSD came from a German transport plane born nearly a century ago with corrugated metal skin. It inspired the Silicon Power design team to add strong, prominent, fortifying ridges to the Bolt B75 SSD. For SP diehards, the Bolt B75 will appear nearly identical to the Armor Series A75 Portable Hard Drive, a popular storage device released in 2017. The A75 Portable Hard Drive received the Taiwan Excellence Award for 2018 and the Golden Pin Design Award for 2017. Rabi Tsai, SP’s designer, who designed the A75 and B75, added:

“Inspiration came from an old airplane—the Junkers f.13. I’m happy with the design and winning the two awards. But, I know everyone at SP, including me, would be extremely proud of a Red Dot or iF Design Award for the B75 or one of our upcoming products.”

An SSD Rich in Features and Aesthetics

Designed for all kinds of uses across a number of professional and creative fields, the Bolt B75 Portable SSD blends rugged durability with an unforgettable visual appeal. With an L-shaped wraparound luminous LED indicator and sleek, grooved aluminum body, this shockproof, scratchproof SSD is perfect for passionate consumers. The Bolt B75 Portable SSD has a range of storage capacities (120/240/480/960GB) and takes advantage of its Type-C connection to provide competitive speeds (440 and 430MB/s respectively). 

The Bolt B75 Portable Solid State Drive is an attractive option for users who want to expand their computer’s capability and boost performance anywhere. The competitive landscape of portable SSDs is rich with quality devices. With this attractive addition, SP hopes to combine tremendous capabilities with their famed design in order to dominate another crowded space. For more information, please visit the Silicon Power official website:

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