Silicon-Power 8GB USB Flash Drive LuxMini 710

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I just love the company by it's name alone. Silicon-Power releases its 8GB LuxMini 710 USB flash drive. LuxMini 710, a satiny, high-capacity USB flash drive designed for transferring, safe storing, and sharing multimedia and more. Its slight modeling and Plug and Play function are ideal for traveling professionals, college students, and compact-size lovers particularly. Silicon-Power LuxMini 710 USB flash drive combines excellent design with outstanding efficiency, and is a unique choice for all users.

Silicon-Power LuxMini 710 series bundles with the advanced security software-the SmartKit. It helps users to compress the data effectively and in return to save more storage space on the remaining capacity. The SmartKit can be downloaded from Silicon Power website,


Silicon-Power 8GB USB Flash Drive LuxMini 710

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