Silicon Power 64 GB 1.8-inch microSATA SSD

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After releasing the 2.5-inch SATA/IDE SSD (which Guru3D will review tomorrow) , Silicon-Power is expanding product lines on the emerging SSD market, today SP introduces its 1.8-inch microSATA SSD drives aimed at small laptops.

At 1.8 inches, the drive is the smallest on the market to use a microSATA interface. The new product also supports SATA I/II interface. For fulfilling customer needs in seeking cost-effective solution, the 1.8?h microSATA SSD drives use SLC NAND Flash modules, offering higher performance and reliability, and MLC NAND Flash modules respectively. The product using SLC flash memory has a read speed of 160MB/sec and a write speed of 90MB/sec. With the aforementioned high speed data transfer, the 1.8-inch microSATA SSD also features ECC function, shock resistance and vibration, enabling the operating system to work well even if it is on the move. Silicon Power 1.8-inch microSATA SSD decreases power consumption and heat when the system runs. It has thin size, light features that are especially suitable for micro-laptops.

The 1.8?h microSATA SSD with low power consumption and noise-free operation is fully compatible with RoHS requirement, with capacities ranging from 8GB to 64GB, often enough for customer needs.


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