Silicon Motion Introduces SM2508 Controller for PCIe Gen5 SSDs

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Silicon Motion recently announced that its new solid-state drives, which incorporate the flagship PCIe Gen5 consumer-grade controller, SM2508, are set to enhance compatibility with thin and light notebooks. The controller, leveraging the advanced PCIe Gen5 interface, can achieve sequential read speeds of up to 15GB/s, indicating significant performance capabilities. The SM2508 controller, manufactured using TSMC’s 6nm fabrication process, integrates four ARM Cortex-R8 cores and supports low-power (LP) DDR4 external cache, enhancing its efficiency and speed. This development underscores Silicon Motion's focus on delivering high-performance storage solutions that are also energy efficient.

Further enhancing its appeal, the controller features an eight-channel architecture that supports flash memory speeds up to 3600MT/s and can handle random read and write operations up to 2500M IOPS. These specifications make the SM2508 a robust solution for high-speed data processing and storage.

A key aspect of the SM2508 controller is its optimized power consumption. It consumes approximately 7W under load, with a maximum power draw of 3.5W during active operations and only 2.5mW in PS4 sleep mode. This low power consumption is crucial for battery-powered devices, such as laptops, where energy efficiency translates directly into longer usage times between charges.


According to the Silicon Motion report, the efficient power management of the SM2508 controller contributes to its potential integration into the designs of slim and lightweight notebooks without the need for large metal cooling solutions. This attribute aligns with the current market demand for portable yet powerful computing devices.


Reports from and Tom’s Hardware indicate that Silicon Motion has begun shipping samples of the SM2508 controller to its customers, with expectations for related products to hit the market in the fourth quarter. The introduction of this controller represents a significant advancement in SSD technology, offering promising enhancements in terms of both performance and integration capability for the next generation of consumer electronics.

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