SilentiumPC releases Regnum RG4 mid-tower with an emphasis on airflow

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SilentiumPC is releasing the Regnum RG4 chassis, with a lot of mesh panels located on the front and top. Available in two colors black and white it is fitted with a tempered glass side panel as well as a model with closed panel.

The SilentiumPC Regnum RG4T  is an offering for users who equally value their looks, functionality, and excellent ventilation. This provides a modern two-chamber design, optimized air flow and three-speed centrally-mounted fans controlled by a speed regulator. The standard also includes: SD / microSD memory card reader as well as two USB 3.0 ports on the front of the chassis and audio connectors. The housing panel is made of tempered glass.

Regnum RG4 is available in four variants:

Below a translation from polish as the English description was not available just yet:

Regnum RG4T is a casing with very large interior design options. Accommodates high processor cooling kits (up to 159 mm), long graphics cards (up to 380 mm), and liquid cooling kits that can be mounted on the front of the chassis (120/240/260 mm) or suspended under the top (120/240 mm). In the bottom compartment there are baskets with plastic, dampening rails for two 3.5 "hard drives. 2.5 "SSDs or hard drives of this size (up to 4 pcs) can be mounted on top of the enclosure, also with the possibility of attractive presentation. Users with an optical drive or other 5.25 "device (up to two) can still mount the RG4T.

The high performance of the components installed in the Regnum RG4T enclosure provides numerous openings - equipped with dust filters - as well as a set of three silent 120 mm fans. Two of them are located at the front, one is installed at the rear. Optionally, the user may choose to install two extra air extracts from the processor and the third one from the front (provided all the front will be 120 mm in diameter and no 5.25 "drive will be mounted). Front and top fans will fit 140 mm diameter (maximum 4 of such diameter). All can be controlled by a speed controller that has three operating modes: maximum (12V), low (5V), and off. Thanks to the dual-chamber design, the power supply has independent air circulation. Sucks cool air,

SilentiumPC Regnum RG4T Pure Black Tempered Glass is equipped with a side panel made entirely of tempered glass. Thanks to this, components mounted in the housing will be visible, especially if they are equipped with an LED backlight. The neatly assembled components along with the attractive styling of the case will delight the user's eye.

Product features:

  • structure that improves airflow and makes hiding easier,
  • side panel made entirely of tempered glass,
  • mounting the power supply on the bottom of the housing on foam anti-vibration spacers,
  • full set of dust filters (front, top and under power supply),
  • elegant and modern design, black interior,
  • 3 silent 120 mm fans as standard (up to 6.4 fans can be 140 mm in diameter),
  • speed regulator for a total of 6 fans, 2 × USB 3.0 front of the casing, audio output,
  • possibility to install two coolers (front to 2 or 3 fans 120 mm (coolers 120/240/360 mm), top for two 120 mm fans (coolers 120/240 mm)),
  • Compatible with graphics cards up to 380 mm in length and CPU coolers up to 159 mm,
  • Tool-less access to the inside of the casing, vented PCI plugs.

Regnum RG4T Pure Black housing specifications:

  • Case dimensions: 496 × 450 × 205 mm (HxWxHxD)
  • Standard: mITX / mATX / ATX.
  • Net weight: 5.6 kg.
  • Speed regulators for a total of 6 fans.
  • Number of bays:
    • Outside:
      • 2 × 5,25 "
    • Inside:
      • 2 × 3,5 "(each can mount a 2.5" drive)
      • 4 × 2.5 "
  • Expansion card locations: 7
  • Maximum graphics card length: 380 mm
  • Maximum CPU cooling capacity: 159 mm
  • Cooling system (3 fans included, maximum 5):
    • front: 2 × 120mm (1200rpm) fan, two 140mm fans can be fitted,
    • back: 1 × 120mm fan (1200rpm),
    • top: 2 × 120/140 mm fan (optional).
  • Ports and controllers on the top panel:
    • 2 × USB 3.0 (internally connected)
    • 1 × headphone (HD Audio),
    • 1 × microphone (HD Audio),
    • fan speed regulator (total of 6 fans).
  • Power Adapter (ATX PS2 standard): not included
  • Accessories:
    • side panel with window.
  • Product code: SPC178

SilentiumPC releases Regnum RG4 mid-tower with an emphasis on airflow

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