SilentiumPC releases Corona HP Evo ARGB Ring frame based fans

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Probably it was not what they anticipated for naming when they started developing the Corona series ARGB Ring frame-based fans, but yeah Silentium PC outs theirs Corona HP Evo RGB series of high static pressure fans that use a ring-shaped frame equipped with addressable RGB LEDs.

The “Corona HP EVO ARGB” series is a cooling fan that employs a proprietary blade that emphasizes static pressure performance and a ring-shaped frame composed of 18 addressable RGB LEDs. Available in two sizes, 120mm and 140mm, there is a single model, as well as a set model with a dedicated ARGB controller and three fans. Both bearings are the latest hydraulic bearings with low friction and excellent durability, and anti-vibration rubber is mounted on the fan fixing part. The blade part can be removed so that it can be washed with water. Main specifications are 140mm caliber model, 1,200rpm, 45CFM, 180g weight. 120mm caliber model, 1,500rpm, air volume 35CFM, weight 170g. In each case, the fan connector is 3pin, the ARGB connector is 5V / 3pin, MTBF is 50,000 hours, and the product warranty is 2 years.

What a clusterfrack for naming, I cannot imagine the dilemma SilentiumPC must have faced whether or not to release this or start from scratch. 

Corona HP EVO ARGB KIT 3 x 140 MM

Corona HP EVO ARGB 140 MM

Corona HP EVO ARGB KIT 3 x 120 MM

Corona HP EVO ARGB 120 MM

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