Sharkoon Unveils SKILLER SGS20 Gaming Chair FOR 219 Euro

The SKILLER SGS20 is available with either a fabric cover or a synthetic leather cover and with four different color accents. The gaming chair offers the familiar ergonomic adjustment options from Sharkoon, such as the tilt function, the adjustable backrest and the armrests that can be adjusted in three ways. But in particular, the extra-wide seat base of 55 centimeters promises a high level of seating comfort.

The SKILLER SGS20 is available as a standard version with a synthetic leather cover or as a version with a fabric cover. The synthetic leather version is designed to offer a classic look that fits in well anywhere and is easy to clean. The fabric version, on the other hand, with its breathable fabric cover should provide an even more comfortable seating experience. Both types of chair have the same design of streamlined color highlights, which are available in either grey, blue, red or orange. These color accents are intended to stylishly complement the predominant black of the chair.

Ergonomic Adjustment Options
In addition to the look, both versions offer the ergonomic adjustment options which are familiar from Sharkoon. The backrest can be adjusted to a wide angle of 90 to 160 degrees, while the armrests can be adjusted according to height and angle, and they can also be moved back or forward. A conventional tilt function including tilt lock is also available, as well as optional cushions to support the neck and spine.

Comfortable Gaming
With a seat base measuring 55 centimeters, the SKILLER SGS20 stands out clearly from other entry-level models from the manufacturer. The gaming chair should therefore offer comfortable sitting also to larger users or to those who appreciate a high degree of freedom of movement. The chair is designed for a user height of up to 185 centimeters and a user weight up to 120 kilograms. The basis of this design is the use of a robust steel frame construction, a steel five-star base as well as a class-4 gas lift piston.

Availability and Price
The SKILLER SGS20 with a synthetic leather cover and the SKILLER SGS20 Fabric with a fabric cover are now available with either grey, blue, red or orange color highlights at the manufacturer's suggested price of 219 euros.

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