Sharkoon AM5 Chassis

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Sharkoon introduces a new Midi tower with a front panel finished with a glossy metallic car paint and available in two versions: The Sharkoon AM5 Silent offers pre-installed damping mats; the AM5 Window comes without damping mats, but with an acrylic side panel.

Both versions are available with front panels painted in a mirror finish in the colors red, blue or titanium. Airflow is possible thanks to the numerous air vents on both sides of the front panel, behind which is also a removable dust filter. The Silent version has two pre-installed 140 mm fans in the front, while the Window version comes with one pre-installed 140 mm fan. Additional pre-drilled holes for more fans are also available. Alternatively, a 280 mm or 360 mm radiator with a total height of up to 5.5 cm, including fan, can be installed. Microphone and headphone audio ports as well as two USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports are all located on the top panel.

Easily remove the front panel at any time thanks to its cableless design. On the top panel of the Window version, there is a pre-installed dust filter with magnetic fasteners plus the possibility to mount either up to three 120 mm fans or up to two 140 mm fans. With the Silent version, as expected, the top panel is closed. On the rear panel of the AM5 Silent, a 120 mm fan is pre-installed. With the AM5 Window, the pre-installed 120 mm LED fan on the rear panel matches the color of the front panel lacquer.

The body designs of both versions are similar, therefore in both versions a CPU cooler with a maximum height of up to 16.7 cm can easily install through an opening in the mainboard tray. Maximum length of graphics cards is up to 40 cm in length. Inside the tunnel, there is sufficient space for a power supply up to 20.5 cm in length for decoupled mounting. 

Up to two 3.5" hard drives can be installed decoupled into the HDD cage. If necessary, the HDD cage can be positioned up against the fans in the front panel thanks to the oval hole cutouts and convenient thumbscrews on the tunnel floor. For example, if more space is needed for the power supply cabling. Up to two 2.5" HDD/SSDs can also attach behind the mainboard tray with help from two 2.5" drive bay trays and the provided thumbscrews. Optionally, the HDD cage also can accommodate up to two SSDs. Simple and discreet cabling is ensured, thanks to the sophisticated cable management system and numerous cable pass-throughs within the case.

The Sharkoon AM5 ATX Silent, with a painted front panel in either red, blue or titanium, is available for the suggested retail price of 69.90 euros from authorized retailers. The Sharkoon AM5 Window, also with a front panel painted in red, blue or titanium, is available for 59.90 euros.

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