Seasonic Releases AirTouch power supply with impressive cooling and free PSU tester

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Seasonic released the Prime AirTouch power supply, currently only available in a 850 wattmodel the red-black themed power supply houses a five-stage Hybrid Fan Controller, which regulates the cooling of the power supply via a button at the back of the power supply.

As the user toggles through the five different fan settings, this button houses an LED which will also light up in five different colors correlating to the selected fan mode. Seasonic has included a PSU tester in the box that will let consumers perform a quick and easy jump start on the power supply. Each PRIME AirTouch Series power supply will also ship with a SATA 3.3 adapter to support the “Power Disable” (PWDIS) feature of the newer, high-capacity hard drives. The inline capacitors on the cables were removed, which takes away the bulkiness inside the system. To maximize flexibility, the 180-degree SATA connectors ensuring more flexibility and easier installation.

  • ATX 12 V
  • Full Modular
  • 80 PLUS Gold Certified
  • 12 Years Warranty
  • Dimensions: 170 mm (W) x 150 mm (L) x 86 mm (H)

The PRIME Gold Series achieves 80 PLUS Gold certification with its 90 % efficiency at 50 % system load. Seasonic’s latest design keeps the output voltage within a very tight range, achieving under 0.5 % load regulation. This impressive electrical performance and stability makes this power supply an ideal choice for high-performance systems. By pressing the AirTouch button on the back panel, users can cycle through five different settings and colors. If the user-selected fan mode does not achieve optimal cooling, the built-in protection function of the power supply will automatically increase fan speed as necessary to prevent overheating and to protect the components of the system.

  • Turbo Mode (Red) This is the maximum fan speed available for permanent cooling. This setting is mostly recommended for heavy graphics processing, extreme gaming or overclocking.
  • High Cooling Mode (Yellow) When the system is not running at its maximum load but needs extra cooling, the fan runs at 80 % of its maximum speed. This setting is recommended for intensive or prolonged usage, or when multiple graphics cards are installed.
  • Medium Cooling Mode (Green) The fan speed is set at around 65 % as the computer turns on and it will gradually increase as the system load exceeds 80 % of its maximum possible load. This setting is ideal for every-day, normal operation.
  • Low Cooling Mode (Blue) (Default setting for new power supplies) Light cooling is provided up to about 60 % of the maximum possible load. This setting is most commonly used for an average computer build and light usage.
  • Silent Mode (White) This is the most ideal setting for average office usage and for the most silent operation. The fan control optimizes fan speed according to the following three stages:
    • I - Zero fan speed under 40 % load
    • II - Medium cooling between 40 % and 80 % load
    • III - Intensive cooling between 80 % and 100 % load

Seasonic’s engineers have implemented a new design feature, where instead of cables; the back panel and the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) are connected by a copper plate. This breakthrough solution not only lowers the chance of production errors during manual insertion but it also improves output power quality. The PSU gets 12 years warranty, pricing is to be announced.

Seasonic Releases AirTouch power supply with impressive cooling and free PSU tester

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