Seagate has begun distributing the first 22TB hard disk drives

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For a restricted number of major customers, Seagate has begun supplying hard disk drives with a capacity of 22TB.

Clients will be receiving 22TB hard drives, according to Seagate, which verified this on a shareholder conference call this week. The lineup currently includes CMR products with capacities ranging from 16TB to 20TB, with some customers expanding to 22TB with SMR feature sets. CMR products currently have capacities ranging from 16TB to 20TB.

The hard drives are created utilizing shingled magnetic recording (smr), which is a type of magnetic recording. In contrast to continuous magnetic recording (cmr), data tracks on hard disk drives (HDD) platters are partially overwritten by shingled magnetic recording. Larger storage capacities are made possible as a result, albeit at the expense of unpredictable read and write speeds.  Seagate continues to send hard disk drives (HDDs) equipped with heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) technology to select clients for evaluation and deployment. The business thinks that HAMR will eventually migrate to its shared platform, but has not specified when or at what capacity level this will occur. Seagate announced last year that its technologies will enable 100TB hard disk drives by 2030.


Seagate has begun distributing the first 22TB hard disk drives

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