Scythe SCY-CLN01 USB 3.0 Cloning Docking Station

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Scythe is bringing you their newest USB 3.0 cloning docking station, the SCY-CLN01. This standalone cloning docking station (no computer required) comes with a USB 3.0 connection interface and provides two SATA slots for 2.5-inch & 3.5-inch HDDs/SSDs (can be used simultaneously). 

  • JAN model number 
    SCY-CLN01 JAN: 4571225052304 

  • Physical Dimensions 
    Approximately 120 x 100 x 180mm (width x depth x height) 
  • Corresponding drive 
    (5V-powered ones thick 9.5mm) S-ATA 2.5 インチ HDD / SSD 
    S-ATA 3.5 inch HDD 
  • Corresponding connection 
    USB3.0 / 2.0 / 1.1 
  • OS support 
    Windows 8/7 / Vista / XP 
    ※ Up to 2TB XP (corresponding both 32/64bit) 
  • Drive capacity support 
    (XP is up to 2TB) up to 4TB 
  • Power 
    Power supply by the power cable 
  • Body weight 

  • Accessories 
    Power cable, cable support USB3.0, Japanese manual
  • Package Size 
    183 × 123 × 153mm 
  • Package weight 
    About 800g
  • Cradle of two types can be used simultaneously "Stand for the corresponding drive USB3.0" 
    インチ HDD 2.5 and 3.5 inches HDD / SSD support (both 5V drive thickness 9.5mm). 

  • CLONE offline 
    By design it "offline CLONE" unnecessary connection to the PC, 
    Easily copy an entire drive with one button. 
    In addition to backing up your data, you can also copy the system area such as the OS. 

  • With "LED notification" 
    With "LED Information" you can follow its progress clone 
    I will light in sequence each time the four LED button to complete 25% of the clones. 

  • Rubber coated housing 
    Adopted housing "rubber coated" feeling of luxury with a fingerprint resistant. 

  • AC Cable Specifications 
    Around the outlet of the cleanest in the built-in power supply type AC adapter unnecessary. 

  • Without the hassle of installation! 
    No need to install driver software that can be used immediately. 

  • Hot swappable 

  • Play Station 3, Tornado Tested 

  • Environmentally-friendly products RoHS compliant

The SCY-CLN01 will go on sale from April 10th for 3,880 Yen (about $41).

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