Scythe Kaze Chrono fan controller

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Scythe has a new fan controller with a smexy display, it is called the Kaze Chrono and is a 5.25" fan controller is characterized by a large LCD screen with a brick-like matrix. The screen shows the fan speed or temperature of the different channels, but can also act as a clock. It's unclear how many channels the controller has. 

The controller itself draw power from a 4-pin connector and delivers juice to four 3-pin fan headers. Speed is controlled by selecting a channel, and holding down the + or - buttons. Its mode can be switched between fan control, temperature monitoring, clock, and display-off. The controller can detect a stopped or failing fan, and flash an alarm. Measuring 148.5 x 83 x 42 mm, it weighs about 165 g.

The Kaze Chrono will start shipping in July, with pricing expected to be around $40.

Scythe Kaze Chrono fan controller

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