Sapphire outs updated Radeon RX 590 NITRO+ (OC)

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Sapphire has released an updated SKU in the Nitro series for the Radeon RX 590. The new Nitro+ OC model sees a bit of an aesthetic tweak with a completely black shroud. 

The 2304 Stream processors fitted graphics card otherwise follows the same similar cooling design (Dual-X cooler). There is no change in specifications otherwise. The boost clock is 1,560 MHz, the memory clock 8,400 MHz, memory bus width 256 bit and it has 8 GB video memory (GDDR5). The interface is PCI - Express 3.0 (x16) and  the card is fed by 8+6 pin power connectors. The output interface shows DisplayPort 1.4 ×2, HDMI 2.0 b ×2, and Dual Link DVI-D ×1.

Sapphire outs updated Radeon RX 590 NITRO+ (OC)

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