Samsung will introduce a 77-inch TV and a 49-inch monitor with OLED displays

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Samsung is set to expand its OLED lineup with the launch of a 77-inch OLED TV and a 49-inch OLED monitor in the first quarter of the year, according to a report by TheElec.

The new additions bring the total number of OLED TV models to three and OLED monitor models to two, with the tech giant already offering 55-inch and 65-inch OLED TVs and 34-inch OLED monitors. Sources have revealed that the new products will carry the brand name "Samsung OLED," signifying the company's openness to procuring W-OLED panels from LG Display in addition to the QD-OLED panels it currently uses from subsidiary Samsung Display. The move to adopt a brand name for the OLED products is significant, as the use of QD-OLED as a brand could have caused confusion among consumers who may not understand the difference between QLED, Neo QLED, or OLED.

Interestingly, Samsung had asked Samsung Display to manufacture 48-inch OLED panels for TVs last year, but the subsidiary refused and instead offered 49-inch panels. This is because, from a single Gen 8.5 substrate, Samsung Display can produce two 77-inch panels and two 49-inch panels or two 77-inch and two 48-inch panels, making the production of a 49-inch panel more economical.

As display panel makers can cut different sizes of panels from one glass substrate, it remains to be seen how Samsung's new OLED products will perform in the market.

Samsung will introduce a 77-inch TV and a 49-inch monitor with OLED displays

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