Samsung Unveils New 10.7Gbps LPDDR5X DRAM Using Advanced 12nm Technology

Samsung Electronics has announced the development of the industry's first LPDDR5X DRAM, capable of reaching speeds up to 10.7 gigabits per second, making it the fastest currently available. This advancement utilizes a 12 nanometer-class process technology, which enables Samsung to achieve the smallest chip size in the LPDDR category, reinforcing its position in the low-power DRAM market. YongCheol Bae, Executive Vice President of Memory Product Planning at Samsung Electronics, highlighted the growing demand for low-power, high-performance memory across various sectors including mobile devices, PCs, servers, and automotive applications. This new memory technology is poised to meet the increasing requirements for on-device AI applications, which necessitate robust processing capabilities directly on the devices.

The LPDDR5X DRAM from Samsung not only offers a 25% improvement in performance but also a 30% increase in capacity compared to its predecessors, supporting up to 32 gigabytes per single memory package. This enhancement is crucial for applications requiring intensive data processing and high memory capacity. Additionally, Samsung has integrated advanced power-saving technologies into the LPDDR5X. These include an optimized power variation feature that adjusts energy use based on workload and enhancements to the low-power mode that extend energy conservation periods. These innovations collectively enhance power efficiency by 25%, contributing to extended battery life in mobile devices and reduced energy costs in servers.


Samsung plans to start mass production of this high-speed LPDDR5X DRAM in the second half of the year, following successful tests with mobile application processors and device manufacturers.

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