Samsung Starts sampling 32 Gb DDR4 Memory Chips

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Samsung started sampling 32 Gbit chips, that's 4 GB per IC. Right now there is chatter about an A-die ddr4 chip with a speed of 2666 MHz with such a large capacity. Other types of ddr4 chips of the company will probably follow in the near future. 

Samsung last year already announced that it had started volume production of the second generation ddr4 at 10 nanometers, and increasing density does have advantages as reported on Anand today.

Samsung’s 32 Gb A-die DDR4-2666 chips are comprised of two stacked 16 Gb DDR4 dies produced using the company’s 10 nm-class process technology. Samsung offers two versions of 32 Gb DDR4 packages: one featuring a 2G x8 organization, another featuring a 1G x16 organization. The former is seen by memory controller as two memory devices, whereas the latter is considered as one DRAM device. The DDPs (dual die packages) come in standard 78 or 96-ball FBGA form-factor and use the industry-standard voltage of 1.2 V.

JEDEC’s DDR4 specification only describes 4 Gb, 8Gb, and 16 Gb memory devices. As a result, DRAM makers have to use advanced packaging techniques to build chips for high-capacity memory modules for servers or workstations. DDPs are not something particularly new, but 32 Gb DDR4-2666 DDPs are unique to Samsung.

Samsung Starts sampling 32 Gb DDR4 Memory Chips

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