Samsung Shows Confidence in Mass Production of 3-Nano Process Prototypes with 65% yields

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Samsung Electronics is diligently broadening its consumer base through its pioneering technology that allows mass production of the first-ever gate-all-around (GAA) 3-nanometer process in the world.

Recently, the company has manufactured 3-nanometer prototypes which it has dispatched to top fabless corporations for performance verification, demonstrating faith in its product. Samsung Electronics has secured most of its orders from mobile and HPC businesses that require semiconductors with high performance and low power consumption. The 3-nanometer process yield has shown marked improvement since the inception of mass production, and Samsung Electronics has dramatically boosted its R&D investment to achieve a 3nm yield rate of approximately 60-70%. Unlike previous times, the company is projected to rapidly stabilize the yield and augment customer trust.

In the battle for 3nm chip manufacturing orders, Samsung Electronics finds itself in stiff competition with TSMC. This 3nm node is their first to employ GAA-FET technology after nearly a decade of reliance on FinFET-based nodes. The 3nm GAA-FET node, known as SF3, is set to enter mass production later this year. Samsung has reported wafer yields ranging between 60-70% in the node's developmental phase, a critical factor in attracting customers, who typically base their wafer orders on yields first and cost-per-wafer second.

In an effort to regain trust among chip designers following a 2022 scandal involving inflated yield figures, Samsung is diligently working on rebuilding its reputation. The company has also outlined plans to launch its 2nm class nodes between 2025-2026, post the supremacy of its 3nm class nodes from 2023-2024. Current 3nm node customers of Samsung include an undisclosed HPC processor designer and a mobile application processor designer.

Samsung Shows Confidence in Mass Production of 3-Nano Process Prototypes with 65% yields

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