Samsung SE-208BW Smart Media Hub

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Samsung is releaseing a new media hub called the SE-208BW, essentially a merger of an external optical disk drive (ODD) and wireless parts.

It is described as a smart media hub and can both playback/read data, as well as write it on CDs and DVDs. Also, connectivity to smartphones, tablets and PCs can easily be established and maintained through the company's own APP.

In fact, the app can stream and play CDs and DVDs on any smart devices, so that they may enjoy whatever movies and music they choose.

What's more, the product can back up data, like videos, pictures, contacts, from smartphones and tablets without having to turn on the PC and direct the media hub's actions.

Another asset is the Dynamic DNS, which extends this ability of the product to work independently in such a way that it can fill the attributes of a server.

The only condition for this to work is that a hard disk drive or USB flash drive of some sort to be linked to it, after which the LAN cable can be added to the equation, completing the Cloud Server transformation.

Prospective buyers needn't worry about compatibility either, since the Samsung SE-208BW works with all major operating system, like Windows 7, Mac OS, ets. Early 2012 is when sales should start, according to Samsung's own announcement.

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