Samsung Galaxy S25 Rumors: Camera Potentially 200 megapixels

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Samsung Galaxy S25, the rumored smartphone flagship for 2025, has already sparked speculation, particularly regarding its camera sensor. Reports suggest that Samsung may opt for a camera sensor from Sony for this upcoming device. As of the current status, Samsung is expected to unveil its new S-series flagships, including the Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra, in January 2024.

These smartphones are likely to continue using Exynos processors, although no official confirmation has been provided. Despite these impending releases, discussions about their successors, especially the Galaxy S25, have already begun, with a particular focus on camera enhancements.

For the Galaxy S23 and S23+ released this year, Samsung employed its proprietary camera sensor, the Isocell GN3, boasting 50 megapixels. Speculation suggests that this sensor may make a return for the Galaxy S24 and S24+. However, the real shift is anticipated for 2025 when the Galaxy S25 and S25 may adopt a camera sensor developed by Sony.

Although specific details remain limited, some intriguing aspects have surfaced. Notably, a new Isocell sensor with remarkable specifications—200 megapixels, a 1-inch size, and 0.8 µm pixels—has been associated with the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra. This sensor is expected to excel in low-light conditions, potentially delivering impressive image quality. In terms of processing power, the Exynos 2500 is speculated to serve as the System-on-Chip (SoC). This processor, which is yet to be officially announced, is expected to feature around 10 cores and leverage the advanced 3 nm manufacturing process.

Please note that these details are based on current rumors and should be taken as speculative until official announcements from Samsung. 

Source: Revegnos (X)


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