Samsung confirms 970 Evo Plus SSD hardware change, 980 Pro may be affected

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Samsung silently updated the 970 Evo Plus SSD last month and changed components, a new controller, TLC NAND, and firmware. Some benchmarks indicated the impact of the change: the SSD performs better in some circumstances, but not so much in others. In other words, it became a completely different product under the same SKU name.

Samsung has issued a statement confirming the change of hardware and software:

“To ensure continued production of the popular Samsung 970 EVO Plus, Samsung has decided to upgrade the controller and NAND in the 970 EVO Plus and has updated the firmware to the new version "3B2QEXM7". The changes were dictated by global shortages affecting the production and availability of many components and devices.

We believe that by increasing the intelligent TurboWrite buffer and optimizing software, our devices will even better meet the growing needs of consumers and improve the overall user experience.

With the release of the new version of the 970 EVO Plus drive, Samsung has posted an updated datasheet on its website. In the event of subsequent component updates, the company will keep the entire change history available on an ongoing basis to ensure transparent communication with customers.”

Because of the persistent shortages of components, Samsung would have chosen to employ alternative components. According to the corporation, with the advent of the revision came the publication of a new datasheet. Additionally, a full changelog will be made accessible in the future to assist in such situations. There is "clear communication with the customer" in this manner.

The manufacturer may be considering making similar changes to the 980 Pro. In addition, like with the 970 Evo Plus, a revised datasheet has been discovered, in which changes have been made: the new version refers to the new version as a Samsung in-house controller rather than a Samsung Elpis controller, and the description of TurboWrite technology has been updated.

A comparison of the old and new datasheets of the 970 Evo Plus and 980 Pro can be checked below.

Samsung confirms 970 Evo Plus SSD hardware change, 980 Pro may be affected

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