Samsung announces mass production of new 12GB mobile DRAM

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Samsung announced the start of mass production of new 12GB mobile DRAM to be built into high-end smart phones featuring advanced technologies such as 5G, foldable displays and multiple cameras.

The latest generation of smartphones is literally popping ahead with innovative new features: displays are folded, 5G modems promise lightning-fast connections, and the fingerprint moves under the display to clear the back for an ever-expanding number of camera lenses. Samsung ranks high on the next-gen wave with its own Galaxy S10 devices, alongside Huawei, Xiaomi and Co., so it's little wonder that the South Korean manufacturer now provides the hardware needed for such powerful features.

In order for smartphones to realize the full potential of high-end technologies, Samsung has now begun mass production of 12GB mobile DRAM. This memory size, which is enormous for a smartphone, was made possible by merging six 16 Gbit LPDDR4X chips into a single package. The second generation of 10 nm technology is used, which should enable transfer rates of 34.1 GB per second with reduced power consumption and also leaves more room for a larger battery.

To meet rising demand in the face of upcoming top smartphones, Samsung also plans to triple its current 8GB and 12GB DRAM mobile device inventory in the second half of 2019. Incidentally, a device already available with 12 GB of RAM is the maximum configuration of the Samsung Galaxy S10 + with 1 terabyte ROM.

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