Samsung 8K 'The Wall Luxury' televisions up to 292 inches available next month

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Jeezsus, 292 inches, anyhow, with a screen diagonal of no less than 232 inches, 'The Wall', as Samsung calls it, is the largest television ever released by the company. The models in the 'The Wall' series use microled technology that is currently a lot more expensive than oled and qled panels.

Available globally starting July 2019, The Wall Luxury offers a new user interface and experience. Based on research into the lifestyles of target customers and their preferences, the new luxury model goes beyond image quality and provides a personalized user experience. A customizable décor frame enhances the display and ensures it fits any luxury space. Thanks to the 100,000-hour lifetime of its self-emitting diodes, The Wall is designed to never turn off and can change into a digital canvas best matching the owner’s interior needs and mood. When the screen is not in use, Ambient Mode can display a variety of curated art from paintings, photographs and video art to customizable pictures with digital frames that enhance the living space. The Wall Professional, launched in June 2018 as the commercial-focused version of the display, delivers an exceptional level of immersive viewing in public spaces, retail stores and hotels.

The Wall Luxury is also equipped with the AI picture quality engine, Quantum Processor Flex. A machine learning-based picture quality engine, Quantum Processor Flex delivers optimized picture quality scene-by-scene regardless of the original source format. The processor analyzes image data to automatically calibrate the original lower resolution content to align with the modular screen’s resolution.

Whether viewing a classic movie, an anticipated sporting event or the latest console game, AI upscaling, Quantum HDR technology peak brightness of 2,000 nits and 120Hz video rate provide a rich and superior visual experience that is unmatched. To complement the display’s visuals, Samsung partnered with industry-leading home entertainment and automation providers, including Harman Luxury Audio and Steinway Lyngdorf for audio solutions; Control4, Crestron and Savant for home automation solutions; and Domotz, Ihiji and OrvC for remote monitoring capabilities.

“Throughout the last twelve months, we’ve closely monitored interior design and technology trends to shape the product planning and development of The Wall Luxury,” said Mark Quiroz, Vice President of Product Marketing for Samsung Electronics America. “We set out to create a product unlike anything else — matching the lifestyle and taste of those looking for the most exclusive and premium visual experiences in their homes.”

The target prices for the televisions in this The Wall Luxury series are not yet known, and perhaps that is for the better as well :)

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