Sabrent Apex X16 and X21 Advanced SSD Expansion Cards

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Sabrent recently introduced the Apex X16 Rocket 5 Destroyer, a new expansion card in its high-performance storage solutions lineup. This fifth-generation (Gen 5) device accommodates 16 Sabrent Rocket 5 4TB SSDs, achieving a total storage capacity of 64TB. Utilizing a single PCIe Gen 5 x16 slot, the card ensures ample space for additional cards, enhancing scalability and system efficiency. The Apex X16 Rocket 5 is noteworthy for its high data transfer rates, with sequential read speeds up to 56 GiB/s and sequential write speeds reaching 54 GiB/s. Additionally, it delivers exceptional performance in random operations, capable of 20 million 4K read IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) and 19 million write IOPS.

Sabrent has also developed the Apex X21 Destroyer, an even larger single Accelerated Graphics Port Interface Card (AIC) that houses up to 21 M.2 SSDs. This massive expansion allows for a considerable storage capacity expansion in high-demand systems. The X21 can be paired with the X16 or other Apex series cards to form configurations surpassing 168TB of storage, combining the capabilities of Gen 4 and Gen 5 technologies. Both the X16 and X21 models are equipped with 16 and 21 M.2 slots, respectively. The X16 model, in particular, features eight additional M.2 slots on the reverse side of the card, maximizing space utilization and storage capacity within a compact form factor.


Sabrent's Apex series cards are designed for users who require top-tier storage solutions with the fastest available speeds and substantial capacity. They cater to professionals in data-intensive fields such as video editing, large-scale data analytics, and enterprise-level applications requiring rapid access to large datasets. The introduction of the Apex X16 and X21 models represents a significant advancement in the storage expansion card market, setting new benchmarks for performance and capacity. Sabrent has indicated that the Apex X16 Rocket 5 Destroyer will soon be available for order, targeting users and enterprises seeking leading-edge storage performance.

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