Ryzen 7000 Rumored to run very Hot

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Good proper cooling for the most high-end processors might be mandatory is the data below is correct. 

The AMD Ryzen 9 7950X clocks in at ~5.0GHz on intense operations and could reach approximately 95 degrees, implying that the chip will require a powerful cooling solution to stay on its feet. The CPU uses up to 230 watts of power when fully loaded in the factory configuration. The Ryzen 5 7600X suffers from the same issue, using up to 120W of power at full load and reaching temperatures of up to 90 degrees, reports  The heat generated by a PC, along with the temperature generated by the 7950X under heavy load, will be a major issue. The Ryzen 5 is no better, reaching 90 degrees with 120W.

Enthusiast Citizen, the leaker compared what was known about the 13th Generation Intel Core, also known as Raptor Lake. While Intel CPUs can take more power, 270W (vs. 230W), they can also maintain lower temperatures. Specifically, utilizing the same cooling mechanism as the Ryzen 9 7000, a maximum temperature of 82oC is achieved at full load, allowing all cores to be held at 5.30 GHz while still achieving full performance. Because the Zen 4 chipsets are smaller but denser than their predecessors, they will require extensive cooling. This appears to be one of the reasons why the chiplets are gold-plated, since gold efficiently repels the most heat. All of this implies that if consumers intend to create a PC using these AMD Ryzen 7000s, they need to invest in a robust, high-end AIO cooling if these rumors turn out to be correct.

Ryzen 7000 Rumored to run very Hot

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