Ryzen 4000 desktop processors moved to 5nm+ process and released in late 2020

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Ryzen 4000 processors based on ZEN3 are still on track to be announced late this year. But there has been a change, the series was supposed to be released based upon an optimized 7nm+ fabrication, but things are moving fast and as it turns out, that's moved towards 5nm+

Taiwanese DigiTimes reports that AMD decided to move its upcoming desktop processors in the Ryzen 4000 line to an improved 5nm instead of a 7nm process. The processors would appear in late 2020 or early 2021.

AMD itself mentioned several times it wants to launch in 2020. Realistically I see early 2021 being the release timeframe with announcements late 2020. Then again, there's September that would coincide with the new date for Computex and Computex is taking place from September 28 to 30. Realistically, I'd say CES 2021. It must be mentioned that this goes against all the information AMD has released to date. 

The fourth generation of Ryzen is based on an optimized Zen-2 technology that should start in September, says a report from the usually well-informed industry service Digitimes. The processors, codenamed Vermeer, will be an evolution from Matisse that is above all an optimized fabrication process from 7nm towards 7nm+ and now rumored 5nm+. AMD themselves already stated that the ZEN3 processor would see an IPC uplift of 15%. 


From what we are hearing there will be an architectural change, the CCX design. What exactly the change will entail is not shared, but here rumors indicate a CCX design of 8 instead of 4 cores. The new arrangement offers better utilization and access to the entire L3 cache of the CPU. (512 KiB L2 and 32 MiB L3). Personally I doubt this as such changes are expensive to implement, also you'd be looking at a more monolithic design, which is not something that AMD has been pursuing for a long time. Then again, that extra 15% IPC needs to come from somewhere. On a recent Financial Day, AMD confirmed that Zen 3 is coming in late 2020. 

Ryzen 4000 desktop processors moved to 5nm+ process and released in late 2020

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