Ryzen 3000 Procs model names and prices spotted in BizGram price catalog

Not sure if you guys can remember Bizgram? A number of times they advertised products that were on the breach of being released while posting model names and prices. Well, BizGram in Singapore is listing Ryzen 3000 processor pricing.

While these news items fall under the label speculation, Bizgram is a real thing. As an example, the Intel Core 9000 Processor series Prices leaked a month or so before the launch of the processors at the Singapore Distributor, check that there.

So why am I tagging this as relevant? Well, the Singaporean distributor has placed a price list online that lists the prices of the upcoming processors. You can download the updated price listing here yourself to check out. The contradictory thing is that we do not expect Ryzen to go retail before the summer, in fact, even July 7th already was named a while ago as an actual announcement date for the first models to be released. 

The Ryzen 3000 series will be fabbed on 7nm with a chiplet design. The first product release will likely get up-to eight-cores and sixteen threads likely running turbo's towards the 5 GHz region while offering increased improved inter-core latency. It was rumored that the Ryzen 9 3850X would be the sixteen core part. That info remains to be seen though. 

Mind you that a Singapore Dollar which needs to be converted is worth 0.74 USD, to that supposedly 16-core Ryzen 9 3850X could be priced 559 USD / 499 EUR ex VAT. While everybody would love these procs to be released already, that simply is irrealistic. It is hard to say why and how the procs got listed in this list this early. Too good to be true?

Ryzen 3000 Procs model names and prices spotted in BizGram price catalog

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