Run NV Medusa Demo on Radeon DX10 Hardware

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If you have a DX10 class graphics adapter from ATI and just for the sake of it would like to run NVIDIA's latest Medusa technology demo, launched alongside their GeForce GTX 200 series parts, now you can, thanks to a little patch provided by ToMMTi Systems.

You'll need the 239MB Medusa demo executable itself, which can be found on NVIDIA's nZone site. Indeed, this demo is well worth a look for NVIDIA graphics board owners too.

You can then find the tiny update available to 'unlock' the demo on Radeon HD 2/3/4000 series hardware available for download. All of the instructions regarding how to patch and use the Medusa demo on AMD hardware is included within the archive.


Run NV Medusa Demo on Radeon DX10 Hardware

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