Updated: Tom Petersen (NVIDIA) might be moving to Intel (Confirmed)

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Intel's graphics department has been hiring like crazy, many people from AMD already made that move. Albeit the day and date of this rumor are a bit unfortunate, the chatter is that Tom Petersen from NVIDIA might be making the move to Intel as well. That's pretty much Huang's second man in the graphics segment. 

Tom Petersen has been working at Nvidia for fifteen years and was among other things responsible for architectures, overclocking, FCAT, GPU boost. He also is a manager for technical marketing. It is said he will be joining the Intel Game Experience Team. Tom has been Director of Technical Marketing with NVIDIA since 2005. 

While it all is somewhat confirmed, it certainly doesn't seem to be an April's fools day prank. He is showing an unemployment status on his LinkedIn. Intel will have added a very high-level staff member to it's GPU team and joins Raja Koduri from AMD's Radeon Technology Group and Chris Hook, from AMD's marketing team Intel is working on GPUs for individual video cards, for consumers and data centers. The company released some details about its plans, which it is working on Odyssey and the Xe GPU, which should be ready by 2020. We're very interested to see what Tom will bring to the table over at Intel.

Update: this has just been confirmed by Intel:

Updated: Tom Petersen (NVIDIA) might be moving to Intel (Confirmed)

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