Rumor: STALKER 2 delayed until December 8th (updated)

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A game we've been waiting for may be delayed. It is possible that STALKER 2 will be delayed, possibly until the middle or later this year.

Because of ongoing development issues, the franchise's second sequel, which is currently scheduled for release on April 28, 2022, maybe delayed until an as-yet-undetermined date in the middle of this year, according to information recently leaked by user OLDboi, who has previously revealed accurate information.

Following the pattern of previous leaks, and assuming that the information regarding its debut being postponed has already been dealt with, it is quite likely that those responsible will disclose this new delay in the coming days, given that the information has already been dealt with. Assuming for the time being that they are only rumors, we should treat them with caution and hope that they are incorrect.

Update, it's confirmed it launches December 8th !

Rumor: STALKER 2 delayed until December 8th (updated)

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