Rumor: Samsung working on OLED TVs merged with Quantum dots

Thus far it is a rumor, however one posted at the Korea Herald. Samsung would be making a very interesting move for the OLED aficionados as the company is making efforts to produce quantum dot organic light-emitting diode panels. This OLED screens with QLEDs.

Samsung Display CEO Lee Dong-hoon told The Korea Herald, “The company is making good efforts” to launch QD-OLED panels in the near future. QD-OLED refers to hybrid displays that use both OLED and quantum dots.

There have not been any investment plans on QD-OLED production confirmed by the company so far. The Samsung panel maker decided to shut down one of its Gen.8.5 LCD lines with monthly capacity of 90,000 units in Asan, South Chungcheong Province, this month, and it will cut 30,000 units at another line starting next month. The company used to produce 250,000 LCD panels in South Korea every month. Samsung reportedly plans to convert the line that is slated to close into a QD-OLED production line. 

It had been rumored since last year that the Samsung affiliate would make around 10 trillion won ($8.3 billion) worth of investments in QD-OLED in April, but this hasn’t taken place yet. 

This could become a very interesting OLED race, as currently .. LG holds an exclusive patent on OLED screens. Int he past Samsung literally had to purchase LG sceens to put them in the Samsung models.

Rumor: Samsung working on OLED TVs merged with Quantum dots

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