Rumor: Intel might cut thousands of jobs

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It seems that Intel might yet again need to lay-off jobs, thousands of them. The chip-designer in the past few years already significantly cut-down in staff. The cuts will reduce employment in some parts of the business by double-digit percentages, according to Intel insiders.

The early report on this originates from a USA news-paper called The Origonian in an on-line edtition. They claim to have received information from multiple sources within Intel. The plan would be to lay-off thousands of jobs, although precise numbers have not been disclosed. That means in some business segments the staff reduction might go into massive reductions in the area of 10 to 20% work staff. 

Intel itself has not announced this news whatsoever, according to the source this will be done at the earliest on Tuesday when the company will publish its youngest quarterly result earnings. Intel is still a very profitable company, with gross profit margins upwards of 60 percent, and it has forecast sales growth of more than 5 percent his year. However, it's repositioning the business for long-term changes in the marketplace.

Last year in the USA 1100 jobs have been cut already, two years ago Intel halted 5000 jobs.  Intel had 107,000 employees worldwide at the end of December.

Rumor: Intel might cut thousands of jobs

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