Rumor has it: LG wants to release consumer 8K-tv next year

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It is rumored that LG is about to release an 8K-tv (Super Ultra HD) next year already. Next month on CES they would already show a prototype 55" model. While it is unknown what the precise features and specs will be we do know that the screen will get a 55" panel with a resolution of 7680x4320 pixels.

That's 33 million pixels on there, fur times the number of Ultra HD and in fact 16x the number of pixels of your Full HD screen. So that is a  160 ppi, 55-inch 8K display. LG woulds be opting a rgbw-layout meaning that next to the red, green and blue subpixels a white subpixel would be added as well. As a result the screen would get a  500 cd/m² brightness.

Puny Full HD TV ;)

By itself it is not the first time that a manufacturer puts an 8k Tv on display, in fact LG already had a 98" prototype version on display. But this is the first time it is a consumer sized 55 inch model. 

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