Rumor: GeForce RTX 3080 would have 4532 Cuda Cores and 10GB of Graphics Memory

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With the recent set of photos leaked the rumor mill has shifted up a notch. New rumors now indicate that the possible specifications of the GeForce RTX 3080 would have 4532 Shader Cores and 10GB of Graphics Memory.

The new chatter (and a loose rumor at best) originates from Twitter user @ kopite7kimi, he however predicted several news about Ampere in the past in a correct fashion. 

First off, 10GB of VRAM based on GDDR6 would indicate a 320-bit wide memory bus, which, possibly together with higher frequency GDDR6 memories, allows for increased bandwidth. Unfortunately, there is no information on their frequencies or GPUs or memories, or on the number of Tensor Cores or RT Cores at this time. The new RT Cores of these graphics cards are rumored to offer far more performance than those of Turing, and they will also have high-performance Tensor Cores, so we will undoubtedly see a strong advance in what Ray-Tracing is and technologies such as DLSS.

You will notice that the tweet holds more information regarding the lineup. Also, in other news word is that NVIDIA has launched an investigation on how the previously released photos have made their way online (Foxconn and BYD), as even most NVIDIa staff would not even have seen the new design.

Nvidia undoubtedly has an important announcement on the way, likely after the summer. At this time, this is a tweet, and it is just that at best. That's enough disclaimers ok?

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