Return of AMD FX processors within two years

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AMD mentioned that the FX processor will be making a return in two years time. Very little information otherwise is shared really, there is no mention about the new architecture except that it will be developed from the ground up, it will not be a derivative of the Bulldozer architecture but a totally new  high performance x86 (x86-64) architecture.

As wccftech reported (see source link), we dont really have any more details about the upcoming FX Series, apart from the fact that you will definitely be seeing a new high performance x86 (x86-64) architecture within two years. Now the move about AMD concentrating on the Chinese Market is itself very interesting. It is interesting because a big chunk of the Chinese Market is DIY (do it yourself) as opposed to OEM based.

This would affect manufacturer tactics of shipping lower end products to OEMs. Infact this very question was raised about Kabini and AMD replied in a negative by stating that Kabini is not meant for the high performance demanding DIY sector and is mostly OEM based so it will not be appearing in the Chinese market anytime soon. We already know AMD has a new architecture planned for 2016 and needless to say the following years are going to become very interesting for Red.

Return of AMD FX processors within two years

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