Resident Evil 3 Remake gets Game Plus mode and 5hr campaign

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The Resident Evil 3 Remake is coming next week, and after trying the demo, everyone is eager to learn more. Fortunately, a lot of information has just come to light.

Resident Evil 3 Remake producer Peter Fabiano spoke about the game in an interview and confirmed several theories that many players put together after playing the demo . Furthermore, data mining from an unconfirmed source could have provided us with much more information about what to expect. This is the revealed information:

  • The knife will not break.
  • Dodge mechanics will play a big role if you want to survive Nemesis' constant chase.
  • The game will have four levels of difficulty: Assisted, Normal, Hard and Super Hard.
  • The game will feature a Game Plus mode (similar to Dark Souls) that will greatly increase the difficulty and introduce new challenges.
  • The main plot of the campaign would last on average only five hours .

Here is the trailer for the game:

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