Renesas delays USB 3.0 chip price cut -- lack of competition

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Taiwanese motherboard makers claim that Renesas has not yet carried out its planned price cut for USB 3.0 host ICs. The company has no reason to cut its prices because Taiwan-based design houses have not yet obtained USB-IF certification for their USB 3.0 solutions.
With a global market share of 95%, Renesas currently quotes US$2.20-2.50 for its USB 3.0 host ICs, much higher than US$1.70-1.80 quoted by ASMedia Technology, Etron Technology and VIA Labs of which their products were just adopted by Asustek Computer, ASRock, Elite Computer Systems and Gigabyte Technology for entry-level motherboards, the sources indicated.

The three Taiwan-based design houses may obtain USB-IF certification for USB 3.0 host ICs as early as the end of February 2011, and thus Renesas is expected not to reduce its quotes until as late as the end of the first quarter of 2011, the sources indicated.

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