Intel Core i3-14100 Raptor Lake Refresh CPU Listed at Chinese Retailer for $120

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A listing for an Intel Core i3 processor from the Raptor Lake series has been observed on a Chinese online platform, brought to light by Harukaze5719 via X/Twitter. The seller, referred to as Dragon***U on Goofish, showcased a CPU identified as the Intel Core i3-14100. Intel’s 14th Gen Core 'K' desktop processors were introduced in October, but the Core i3-14100, a multiplier-locked variant, may not be available until CES 2024.

The listing displays an image of the Intel Core i3-14100 and denotes the processor as a qualification sample priced at 850 Chinese Yuan, roughly equivalent to $120. The specifications listed, "4 cores, 3.5 GHz," are consistent with anticipated features derived from a comparative analysis of the 13th and 14th Gen Core processor lineups, corroborated by previous leaks.

The Core i3-14100 is expected to target the entry-level segment of the market, with a 4-core/8-thread configuration and a base clock frequency of 3.5 GHz, 12 MB of L3 cache, and an estimated thermal design power (TDP) of 60W. A potential T variant with a 2.7 GHz clock and a 35W TDP may also be introduced to broaden the product range.


For those considering the Intel Core i3-14100, it may be beneficial to review the performance benchmarks of the Intel Core i3-13100F for comparison. Preliminary insights suggest only minor improvements between the two models, with anticipation for enhanced performance to substantiate the transition to a new generation.

The Core i3-14100 is expected to be priced just below $150, with the 'F' variant likely to be slightly less expensive. Its introduction could provide cost-effective alternatives for consumers weighing options like the Core i3-13100 or 12100, with the potential for a competitive price-to-performance ratio in gaming CPU categories.

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