Razer released gaming chairs inspired by Williams and Koenigsegg (at 1299 USD)

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Razer announced the release of two new gaming seats inspired by the world of racing this week. The new product line is based on the Enki Pro model and is legally licensed by the Williams and Koenigsegg businesses, each with a distinctive color finish.

For obvious reasons, the Williams-inspired variation is blue, while the Koenigsegg model is yellow. The chair's other elements are shared by both variants, including a steel frame, Alcantara (a material akin to velvet) cushioning that ensures comfort and durability, and genuine leather detailing. With 110° expanded shoulder arches and an ultra-wide base capable of reclining up to 152°, the Razer Enki chair promises to stand out from the crowd. The maker also claims a reliable support system that allows various users to vary their postures without having to change the chair's design. The magnetic head and neck support with a short design that provides comfort and stability of usage is another feature that distinguishes the Razer gaming chair. It also includes a double density backrest and a gently curved lumbar support.

The unique editions of the Williams and Koenigsegg will be available only via the official Razer store, which will charge a premium for the items. Each unit costs a shocking $1,299, which is $300 more than the normal green and black Razer Enki Pro model, which is already a quite costly chair.

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