Razer Launches New PC Gaming Speakers: The Nommo V2 Line

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Razer released their latest PC gaming speakers, known as the Nommo V2 line. These speakers are designed to focus on performance, immersion, and connectivity. The flagship model, Razer Nommo V2 Pro, offers a fully-loaded, full-range speaker system with a wireless subwoofer that is enhanced by THX Spatial Audio technology.

In addition, it features captivating rear-projection Razer Chroma RGB lighting for an enhanced immersive experience. The line also includes the Razer Nommo V2 desktop speaker, which comes with a wired subwoofer, and the Razer Nommo V2 X, designed for a powerful and minimalistic setup.

Barrie Ooi, Head of Razer's PC Gaming Division, stated, "Today, we are redefining the expectations gamers have for their desktop audio equipment. The Nommo V2 line goes beyond just listening—it aims to provide a complete and immersive gaming experience. Whether you're tracking enemy footsteps in a first-person shooter or getting lost in the soundtrack of the latest RPG, these PC gaming speakers offer an incredibly engaging audio-visual experience."

To ensure the highest audio quality, the Nommo V2 Pro is the world's first desktop speaker system equipped with THX Spatial Audio, delivering a wide and true-to-life soundstage. Additionally, Razer introduces THX Game Profiles, a feature available for the first time in their speaker lineup. These specially tuned EQs optimize surround sound for popular game titles such as Cyberpunk 2077 and Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, with more titles to be supported in the future.

Nommo V2 Pro - The Ultimate Gaming Speakers for an Immersive Audio Experience

The Nommo V2 Pro offers industry-leading features, including 3" full-range drivers with aluminum phase plugs for natural and crystal-clear acoustics. It is also the world's first PC gaming speaker system with a wireless down-firing subwoofer, delivering deep and powerful bass without any cluttered cables. For an even more immersive gaming experience, the speakers feature rear-projection Razer Chroma RGB lighting.

Razer Wireless Control Pod - Convenience at Your Fingertips

Razer introduces the Razer Wireless Control Pod for seamless connectivity and convenient controls. With its rotatable, clickable dial and source button, gamers can easily navigate and control settings such as volume, play/pause, EQ, and more. The Control Pod comes with the Nommo V2 Pro and will also be available as a standalone accessory for the Nommo V2 and Nommo V2 X starting from August. It offers a battery life of up to 8 months for long-lasting performance.

The Nommo V2 and V2 X Complete the Line

Razer expands the Nommo V2 line with the introduction of the Nommo V2 and Nommo V2 X models. Both speakers feature two 3" full-range drivers and THX Spatial Audio, providing high-fidelity sound that fills the room. The Nommo V2 comes with a wired subwoofer and is enhanced by rear-projection Razer Chroma RGB lighting for an immersive gaming experience that combines audio and visual elements. On the other hand, the Nommo V2 X is a sleek 2.0 speaker system with a minimalist design. It is equipped with rear-facing bass ports, delivering accurate sound reproduction and optimal clarity for all types of entertainment.

The Razer Nommo V2 line is compatible with PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices, allowing gamers to elevate their gaming experience with powerful positional audio.

Razer Nommo V2 Pro
$449.99 USD / €449.99 MSRP
Razer.com, RazerStores & Authorized Resellers - June 2023

Razer Nommo V2
$299.99 USD / €289.99 MSRP
Razer.com, RazerStores & Authorized Resellers - June 2023

Razer Nommo V2X
$149.99 USD / €169.99 MSRP
Razer.com, RazerStores & Authorized Resellers - June 2023

Razer Wireless Control Pod
$49.99 USD / €59.99 MSRP
Razer.com, RazerStores & Authorized Resellers - August 2023

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