Raja Koduri Joins Tenstorrent Board: AI and RISC-V Solutions Set to Compete with Intel

Tenstorrent recently announced the appointment of Raja Koduri to its board of directors. The company, comprising former AMD, ATI, and Intel employees, is focused on developing high-performance Artificial Intelligence and RISC-V CPU solutions, with ambitions to rival Intel.

Raja Koduri departed Intel in late March, reflecting positively on his tenure as Executive Vice President and Chief Architect. He now joins a team of distinguished professionals at Tenstorrent, including Ljubisa Bajic and Jim Keller, a CPU architect responsible for crafting processors at companies like Apple, AMD, and DEC. Established in 2016, Tenstorrent aims to create data center solutions featuring RISC-V-based AI/ML accelerators and high-performance RISC-V processors.

Koduri's presence does not necessarily imply direct involvement in CPU development. Instead, his role will be pivotal in setting Tenstorrent's strategic objectives, ensuring the company's growth and adaptation to the evolving AI technology landscape.

Previously, Raja Koduri held positions at AMD, where he led the Radeon Technologies Group, responsible for GPU architectures such as Polaris. He spent six years at Intel as the company's chief architect and head of the AXG business unit, culminating in the launch of the Arc Alchemist GPUs. Despite Koduri's departure, Intel reportedly plans to maintain its investments in the GPU segment. With his arrival at Tenstorrent, the technology market may soon witness the emergence of a new contender.

Raja Koduri Joins Tenstorrent Board: AI and RISC-V Solutions Set to Compete with Intel

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