Raja Koduri Creates a bit of Hype - Vega 10 Celebration

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RTGs Raja Koduri today creates a bit of hype, likely trying to go viral. He posted a photo which states, Vega 10 Celebration. As you guys know, the Polaris 10 and 11 products that will be empowering the Radeon RX 460, 470 and 480 are to be released soon. However thus far things have been quiet for Radeon RX 490.

That Radeon RX 490 series will be based on a GPU called VEGA 10. Hence this is why his tweet is kinda interesting. Apparantly AMD Radeon Technologies Group (RTG) chief Raja Koduri was in Shanghai last week to meet with one of the design teams of the "Polaris10" and the upcoming "Vega10." Koduri tweeted that development of "Vega10" had just crossed a milestone, although it's a long way to go before you can see it.

AMD was supposed to launch their high-end class VEGA product in early 2017, as it now seems that launch is being moved forward towards October. Vega10 will be the GPU that replaces the Hawaii/Grenada series. Vega should hold HBM2 memory and that's the culprit, it is just not available in volume. Perhaps some stuff now has sorted itself.

"Vega10" is lined up to replace the 390 -> 490 series. Vega11 will replace the FIJI Fury parts. Rumors right now indicate that Vega10 has 4096 stream processors and could compete with the GeForce GTX 1080 and GTX 1070. Vega11 on its end would feature 6144 stream processors and would be lined against the GP100 big pascal GPU (think Titan).

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