Raijintek Paean Dual-Compartment Chassis with Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass is the trend alright, and the Raijintek Paean Dual-Compartment Chassis with Tempered Glass surely is a nice one. Design Art in its best by RAIJINTEK – PAEAN, an Aluminum dual chamber Open frame/Bench table ATX chassis, is designed by 4mm hair-silk Alu. dense base plate. 

How do you like to present and display your PC System with water-cooling elements nowadays? Modern and outstanding design, extreme features such as dual chamber (MB, CPU and VGA at the front with water cooling elements, rest nicely installed on the backside), best possible Cable Management, and dual side tempered glass where you can see the complete interior – PAEAN is the only choice.

More than one way of placement is possible upon your convenience, on your desk or as a bench table. RAIJINTEK's first bench table for high-end water cooling systems. PAEAN supports 240/280/360mm radiators and six HDD's / SSD's. Superior features included such as tool-free installations for a fast setup and changeable hardware, a max VGA length up to 310mm, even in a SLI / CROSS FIRE setup and a max PSU length up to 200mm. 

Pricing has not been detailed at this time.

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