Radeon HD 5450 Already Listed on eBay

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Guru3D.com ImageAMD is gearing up to launch the Radeon HD 5450 card for the low-end segment fairly soon.

The card will supposedly be based on the Cedar graphics processing unit and will have 80 stream processors, a 64-bit memory interface and a GPU frequency clocked at 650MHz. The card will have 512MB or 1 GB of GDDR3 memory, which will run at roughly 1600MHz.

Digitimes previously reported that the HD 5450 would be out before the middle of February, with more recent rumors saying it would be launched the following week. This means that the new GPU card will have the entry-level market to itself for about a month or more, until the Fermi comes out (and if the initial lineup from NVIDIA has a model aimed at the low-end).

But it seems that the MSI R5450-MD512H Radeon HD 5450 is already being listed on eBay. This card has only 512MB GDDR3 (half the stock amount) and a 64-bit memory interface. It is priced slightly high at $62.99.

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