Radeon 5950 due in Q1 2010

Guru3D.com ImageAccording to a recent article on German-language Hardware Infos, AMD might be planning a release of a new dual-GPU graphics card, which will be officially announced sometime in the first quarter of 2010. The specifications and features of the new card are somewhat similar to AMD's current flagship, the HD 5970, as both cards are based on the same 40nm RV870 graphics processing units.

Said article also gives a summary on the previous reports on the rumored HD 5950, including details on the GPU and memory clock speeds. Unfortunately, these specifications haven't yet been finalized and we are expecting the HD 5950 to work at between 650MHz-675MHz core clock, or 1800-2000MHz memory clock. Additional features include 2 x 1440 Stream Processors, 2 x 72 PBC, 2 x 32 ROPs and 2 x 256-bit GGDR5 memory.

Unfortunately there's no word on pricing, but the new card will debut sometime around the same period as NVIDIA's much-anticipated Fermi-based line of GeForce graphics cards. This should ultimately enable AMD to lower the prices on their latest generation of Radeon cards, as the Fermi-based architecture is expected to deliver an impressive performance boost, over the current GT200 family of GPUs.

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