Radeon 5700 GPUs priced from $149-$199?

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Guru3D.com ImageRead it well, 5700 not 5800. It is not rumored that ATI could be unleashing a slew of new GPUs in the coming weeks.

Apparantly ATI plans to introduce Radeon 5770 and 5750 GPUs right around the Windows 7 launch in October. The cards will supposedly be priced from $149-$199, with $5-$15 mail-in rebates also as an option. With the debut of the 5700 series GPUs the 4800 series would hit EOL (end of life) status real soon in the upcoming months. The 5750 will replace the 4870 at $149, while the 5770 would replace the 4890 at $199.

Obviously it remains to be seen how the 5700-series cards will perform in comparison to 4800 series, we expect pretty good though.

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