Qualcomm Set to Unveil Snapdragon X Series Processors on April 24th?

Qualcomm has indicated that it will introduce its new Snapdragon X series processors on April 24th. The announcement, made through a teaser that features a laptop with a distinctive "X" emblem, suggests that Qualcomm may also launch the much-anticipated X Plus models during this event. However, there is no mention of the "Elite" series in the teaser, which could imply a broader range of product unveilings. The Snapdragon X series is designed with high-performance ARM-based CPU architecture intended for lightweight laptops. The X Elite variants are expected to have up to 12 cores, while the X Plus models could feature 10 cores. Both variants will support modern graphics APIs, including DirectX, and incorporate a highly capable AI processor capable of achieving up to 45 TOPs, positioning it as one of the fastest AI processors available.

These new processors will be competing directly with the latest offerings from AMD and Intel. Specifically, the Snapdragon X series is set to challenge Intel’s Core Ultra 200V (Lunar Lake) and AMD’s Ryzen 9050 series, known as Strix Point. In terms of energy efficiency and performance, Qualcomm claims that its Snapdragon X series processors are 51% faster at ISO power and consume 65% less power compared to Intel’s Core Ultra 9 185H. These figures have not been independently verified on non-reference platforms yet.

Upcoming laptops, including the newly leaked Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 14 Snapdragon edition, are expected to feature these new processors, highlighting Qualcomm’s ongoing influence and innovation in the PC processor market.


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