QNAP Launches TVS-882BR Blu-ray NAS Series

QNAP launched the TVS-882BR Blu-ray NAS series (TVS-882BR and TVS-882BRT3 models). The TVS-882BRT3 also features four Thunderbolt 3 ports.

The TVS-882BR can also serve as a Blu-ray player, allowing direct playback via HDMI using Linux Station or Virtualization Station (third-party media player software required - may require separate license purchase).

"The TVS-882BR series - available with a pre-installed Blu-ray Disc drive or an empty 5.25-inch bay - takes a unique place in the QNAP NAS line-up by enabling users to directly consolidate optical disc-based data to their NAS for easier management and sharing. The ability to write data to discs also provides another layer of data protection alongside modern NAS and cloud-based methods," said Dan Lin, Product Manager of QNAP. "With robust hardware and M.2 SATA 6Gb/s support, the TVS-882BR provides users with a complete range of IT solutions, including deploying resource-demanding virtualization applications, online collaboration, and building a shared Blu-ray NAS workstation," Lin added.

"Combining DVDFab's backup and archiving capability with QNAP TVS-882BR's powerful hardware and storage, users can easily tackle backup and archiving tasks for their disc-based files using just one NAS. We are honored to work with QNAP to provide a more efficient backup solution by integrating QNAP's hardware and our software," said Feng Tao, CEO of Fengtao Software.

Powered by 7th-Generation Intel multi-core processors (Core i5, i7), DDR4 2133 MHz RAM (upgradable to 64 GB), four Gigabit Ethernet ports, and SATA 6Gb/s, the TVS-882BR series delivers up to 447 MB/s read/write speeds. When used with Intel AES-NI encryption, up to 443 MB/s read/write speeds can be attained to ensure both high performance and data security. With three PCIe Gen.3 slots (the TVS-882BRT3 features two pre-installed Thunderbolt 3 expansion cards), the TVS-882BR allows for adding a 10GbE/40GbE network adapter, SAS storage expansion card, or USB 3.1 10GbE adapter, making it ideal for wide range of storage applications. Users can enjoy improved system performance with Qtier auto-tiering technology and SSD caching with two M.2 SATA 6Gb/s slots. Equipped with 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports, the TVS-882BRT3 provides 40 Gbps bandwidth and Thunderbolt-to-Ethernet (T2E) 10GbE connection, providing media professionals an ideal collaborative platform for media production. With its disc writing functionality, users can enjoy a comprehensive and smooth editing workflow using a single NAS.

Leveraging its high storage potential, the TVS-882BR provides an ideal platform for deploying virtualization environments (including VMware, Citrix, Microsoft Hyper-V and Windows Server 2012 R2) as well as hosting virtual machines through Virtualization Station. With QNAP QRM+, users can centrally manage and monitor Windows, Linux and IPMI-compatible devices, providing IT professionals a more convenient way to manage devices on the IT network. Storage space can be flexibly expanded using 5-bay, 8-bay, or 10-bay expansion units (the 5-bay UX-500P, 8-bay UX-800P and 10-bay REXP-1000 Pro; TVS-882BRT3: the 5-bay TX-500P and 8-bay TX-800P respectively) or with QNAP VJBOD technology that allows the unused space of a QNAP NAS to expand the capacity of other QNAP NAS.

The TVS-882BR series, powered by the latest QTS 4.3 operating system, provides a variety of applications from the built-in App Center: "IFTTT Agent" and "Qfiling" automate daily tasks and workflows to improve efficiency and productivity; "Qsync" and "Hybrid Backup Sync" simplify file sharing and cross-device file synchronization; "QmailAgent" and "Qcontactz" allow centralized management and backup of multiple email accounts and contact information; "Qsirch" provides full-text search for users to quickly locate files; "Surveillance Station" offers 8 free IP camera channels (up to 80 channels by purchasing additional licenses); "QVR Pro (Beta)" provides user-defined recording storage space, cross-platform client tools, camera controls, and intelligent storage management functions.

Key specifications

Tower model; 7th Gen. Intel Core processor (burst up to 4.2GHz), 9th Intel HD Graphics dual-channel DDR4 2133 MHz RAM (user upgradable to 64GB); hot-swappable 2.5"/3.5" SATA 6Gbps HDD/SSD; 4 x Gigabit RJ45 LAN ports; 3 x HDMI v1.4b, up to 4K UHD; 5 x USB 3.0 Type-A ports; 1 x PCIe Gen.3 x8 slot / 2 x PCIe Gen.3 x4 slot (TVS-882BRT3 pre-installed with 2 x dual-port Thunderbolt 3 cards); 1 x speaker, 2 x 6.33 mm microphone jacks (supporting dynamic microphones); 2 x 3.5mm Line Out audio jack.

These are the product pages of the TVS-882BR and TVS-882BRT3.

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