Q3 2011 will see Sandy bridge price reduction

Word from CPU World is that Intel planned price cuts for nine Sandy Bridge processors this Fall.

The first round of price drops will be in September, and it will affect all mid- and low-power Core i7 and Core i5 CPUs. Core i7-2600S will have its price cut by $12, from $306 to $294. Prices of Core i5s will be reduced by $11 at most. Core i5-2390T and i5-2400S will cost $184, Core i5-2405S - $201, and the prices of Core i5-2500S and i5-2500T will be reduced to $205.

The second round of price cuts will follow in October. This time Intel will slash prices on several Core i3 and Pentium microprocessors. The price of Core i3-2120 will be lowered from $138, which is expected launch price of Core i3-2130 CPU in September, to $117. Pentium G850 will cost $75, and Pentium G630 will be priced down to $64. After the cuts, the Core i3-2120 will have the same price as the i3-2100, and the Pentium G850 and G630 will be priced identical to G840 and G620 CPUs respectively.

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